The Art of Delegating – don’t take the monkey!

Using the Job Description

When he returns with it a few minutes later I leaf through it to the paragraph headed "Special Ability Required" and read aloud the following: "The incumbent must be able to persuade, motivate, guide, and assist line managers at all levels in the successful implementation of such programs and projects." I look up and observe, "It says here that one-feather Indians do indeed talk to fifteen-feather Indians!"  

I dial Jones' number. When he answers I say, "Jones, remember that lunch we had together a couple of months ago when I was trying to get your support in your department for one of Mister B's projects? I didn't have any of the answers to the questions you raised but promised I'd get them for you. Remember? Well, I've got a better idea. I'd like you to give Mister B an hour in your office. He's the "pro" and you're entitled to talk to the best man in the business. You can have him a half hour from now. Fine! Another suggestion: When you and he are through, why don't you and I wrap up your part in these projects over the lunch table? Glad you like the idea! Mister B will be in your office at eleven­ thirty. Goodbye."

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