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The Professional Subordinate

And I can almost sense the grin of self-­satisfaction on his face. Has he not at long last just succeeded in getting me to furnish "top management support" for the Corporate Management Improvement Program in our Division? I realize that, underneath it all, I'm not really sup­porting the Corporate program at all. That program is Headquarters-imposed. I am, rather, initiating the development of a division-inspired program, or rather a self-imposed divisional pro­gram. As a division we are, in effect, about to get one of our corporate-imposed responsibilities accomplished.  

If we play it right the Corporate staff groups will then tell everybody that they thought of it. We will then come to be regarded by our President as the most compliant (anticipatory compliance handled at a No. 1 freedom level) of all the operating divisions.

And that, I muse, will bring the golf course even closer!
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