The Art of Delegating – don’t take the monkey!

The Amateur Manager

Well, you've just seen two amateurs in action: Ms. A surrendering her freedom by giving me her monkeys, and me surrendering my discretionary time by accepting them. Once I accepted, I felt compelled to do something about them. Thus, as an amateur, I had planned to read Ms. A's fifty status reports during the weekend (the fateful weekend of my conversion to a 'pro'). I planned to read them and give Ms. A a considered response to each of them the following Monday morning. This would release her to do battle with her own job, I would be free of her monkeys, and (I promised myself) never again would I get into such a mess. But, as you know by now, my plans were changed during that weekend; I learned that carrying out my plans to do Ms. A's work would be counter­productive, and would only make matters worse than they already were.  

The Professional Manager

Let's pick up the story again on the Monday morning following my miraculous conversion into a "pro." I had already sent George out of my office with his monkeys. Ms. A is next. She is up­set, complaining that our entire market research effort is going down the tubes if I don't make some decisions. "These memos you've been get­ting from me contain dozens of money-making ideas on which I need clearance before I can go ahead. At least six are ready to go now. All I need is your O.K."
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