The Art of Delegating Ė donít take the monkey!

The Next Step

The next morning I call for Mister B. He comes in promptly, "How did you make out with Mr. Jones?" I ask. †

"About as I expected. He felt that the Management Improvement Program was our in-company counterpart of the Federal government's efforts to make us a great society. If our country is to have a great society, it will be because of the responsible initiative of enterprising individuals and not because it is government-imposed. By the same token, Management Improvement in our company, he claimed, will make a significant splash on the balance sheet only on the responsible initiative of line managers and not as a result of corporate-imposed procedures. The trick, he pointed out, is to make each line manager responsible, otherwise the required initiative won't be forthcoming for the simple reason that there are never enough hours in a day. He concluded that if the company would decide how it wants performance by each individual manager judged in each of the recognized management improvement areas, then each boss could apply those yardsticks to his own performance as well as that of his subordinates."

"What do you propose?" †

With a chuckle, he replies, "Do you want me to work myself out of a job? If performance measures and standards are developed in all these areas, what will the staff groups have left to do? The line organization will have done what is inherently its responsibility, anyway."

Mister B's insight surprises me, "Go on," I urge
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