The Art of Delegating – don’t take the monkey!

Mutual Benefits.

Ms. A falls back thoughtfully into her chair. Top management recognition! Something she has long thought her group sorely needed. For lack of it she has had a nagging morale problem in her department. It had been for this very reason that she had instituted her weekly "status memoranda." She visualizes the improvement in her department when everyone has gained more responsibility, and begins to plan.  

With the monkey still firmly on her back, I suddenly realize that the golf course across the street has moved closer. If this keeps up during the next several months that golf course ­eventually come to me instead of my having to go out to it!


Mister B

His is a “staff job” with the title “Assistant To” me. I have used him primarily to get action on the endless stream of special projects dreamed up for the various operating divisions by the “assistants to” the ever-growing army of vice presidents and assistant vice presidents in the corporate headquarters. Most of these projects seem to me to have little immediate bearing on the things my boss requires of me, so I have been letting Mister B do the best he can. Many of these projects come down to us complete with conference leaders’ manuals, flip charts, etc., and Mister B has dutifully taken all the steps outlined by the appropriate headquarters staff group. However, the official instructions that come with each project stress the vital importance of "top management support" (meaning me in our situation), and Mister B has gone about as far as he can without it.
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