The Art of Delegating – don’t take the monkey!

Management by Results

As he leaves I note our appointment on my calendar pad. But I know that this is only the be­ginning. I must ask all of my subordinates to analyze their jobs in the same way. The day will thus come when "activities" will be tied to "purposes" which in turn will be logically grouped into "areas of accomplishment." At that time we will redistribute the dangling activities in each job so that every activity in our division will have a defined purpose which is logically associated with a specifically assigned Key Result Area. Accountability for results will then be distributed along rational lines.  

Accountability for results! I've heard that phrase many, many times. Until now it has always had an idealistic, impractical ring. Secretly, I had been hoping that some day I would find the magic formula that will enable me to manage by "results" rather than by "activities." It appears now that nothing separates me from being able to manage by results except many months of hard work on my organization.

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