The Art of Delegating – don’t take the monkey!

Major Reorganisation

Once again Mister C struck a hot button. It be­comes clear to me that purpose implies accomplishment which in turn implies accountability. It is the rational distribution of accountabilities that constitutes organization! It dawns upon me that I have to do a major job of organization affecting all my five area managers and my five staff heads. The prospect unnerves me. But as a "pro" I know that it must be done. Otherwise I'll just proliferate the number of irreplaceable but non-promotable men in my organization with all the morale headaches and replacement crises that this will inevitably spawn. An increasing number of irreplaceable, non-promotables will eventually attract head-office attention. My alternatives are clear: either organise my division on a self-imposed basis or wait for the head office to step in and do the job for me with the help of an outside consultant. I make up my mind.  

“In that case,” I reply, “we’ll have to reassign such activities to those other jobs in the organisation where their respective purposes (and therefore the accountabilities) more logically fall. I’ll decide that. But we’ve got work to do meanwhile. When will you have your list augmented with the ‘in-order-that’?”

  “A week from today.”
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