The Art of Delegating Ė donít take the monkey!

Job Analysis

Unwilling to settle on a conclusion so hastily drawn, I ask him, "Can't you group all these activities of yours around a few major headings that will provide a rationale for your job?" †

"I've tried that. It's just no use. No matter how I try to slice it I always wind up with a dozen activities that don't fit under any of the headings." "Maybe your approach is wrong. instead of grouping activities why don't you try grouping purposes? Take your list and add to each statement the phrase 'in order that' or 'in order to' and then finish the sentence, thus:"

  1. I review cost reports in order to
  2. I compile monthly safety figures in order that
  3. I schedule weekly training sessions in order that
  4. I screen the incoming mail in order to...
  5. I follow up on the grievance procedure in order that
He looks at me with mixed feelings. "You mean I should try to group the purposes instead of the activities?" †

"That's right. Then the major groupings of your purposes would turn out to be your ĎJob Objectivesí which in turn, would become the major headings for describing the logic or rationale of your job. After all, the value to the company of any job lies not in the effort put into its many activities but in the accomplishment of its many component purposes." If you canít find the words to express the precise purpose of an activity just go to the man who is depending on you for this activity and ask him what purpose this activity serves for him.

"But what if he doesn't give a darn?" †

"Then obviously that particular activity serves no purpose."

Wow! His point is more vital than he realizes. What must a manager like me do if the man who should be concerned about a particular matter isnít? Should I let some willing individual pick up the ball without regard to whether it belongs in his job? Or should I instead see that the man who should be concerned is in fact concerned? †

"We'll deal with that when the time comes," I re≠ply.

"But I know that no matter how I group the 'purposes' I'll still wind up with a dozen or more that won't fit in any logical grouping. What then?"
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