The Art of Delegating – don’t take the monkey!

Getting the Boss's Ideas

His mind moves to matters which are more familiar and in better focus - his own experiences. Here he promptly finds an idea worth looking into. He researches it, tests it out on his colleagues and develops it with increasing enthusiasm. He begins preparing his first draft of his proposal, flushed with excitement over the delight with which he can foresee my acceptance of it. Then something dawns upon him! As good as this idea is, no one will ever believe that his boss thought of it. It is clearly characteristic of something that he, Mister D, would have thought of. He has inadvertently just "had" one of his own ideas instead of one of his boss's. So he stores it with care in his "hold" basket for further development and for action later when he is working on the other four-fifths of his job where his own ideas are strictly applicable. He tries again. Fixing his gaze on his boss's mind and literally pinching himself to keep his mind from diverting to matters more familiar and in better focus, he comes up with another idea. As before, he researches it, checks it out, and begins writing it up. Halfway through, a smile of confident satisfaction creeps across his face.  

“No one will ever believe I thought of this. Not even the boss himself. This is so characteristic of what the boss is expected - and expecting - to come up with that there will be no doubt in any­one's mind that he thought of it. I can't wait until I take it to him to find out for sure whose idea it is - his or mine.”

The mark of the "pro" is that he never attempts to sell the boss any of his own ideas. These he initiates himself. Instead, he concentrates on selling himself the ideas his boss would be having if he had the time, the facts, the experience and the opportunity, and then on letting the boss discover them for himself in finished form and ready to go.
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