Delegate More! Getting rid of monkeys

This website is aimed at helping you delegate more, when your problem is that your staff don’t want to take the work from you, in fact they are giving you more work than you can cope with. So who’s working for whom??

Delegation is a key management skill, without which the results you can achieve will always be limited. Bad delegators annoy their staff, colleagues, customers, and bosses – in fact they even make themselves less happy as they have to work longer hours for smaller results.

Training courses in management and delegation are available from the
Croft Management Centre, either as short courses or as part of CMS and
DMS (Diploma in Management Studies) programmes.

The website is in the form of a story, about a manager who gradually realises the error of his ways and starts to delegate more. We hope you enjoy observing his management development process! You should ideally read it like a book, but you can use the contents page to jump to any part you want.

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